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The best way to achieve the weight loss results and get the flat stomach with an exercise and low diet calorie food.

The articles is includes the vegetables that can help you in reducing the weight by stop your cravings toward foods, boost your metabolism and makes you feel full.

1)    Celery:

Celery is the vegetable that is made up of water. Celery contains 6 calories per stalk and low in fat. Even with the low calories, it makes you feel full because it is loaded with the high amount of fiber. The Celery also has vitamins A, C and K that makes an amazing weight loss.


2)    Boiled Potatoes:

Boiled potatoes have the many properties both for the weight loss and maintain the health. It contains the amount of various nutrients such as the potassium that can regulate the blood pressure in the body.

The boiled eggs keeps you feeling full and the fiber in the potato contributes to weight loss.

3)    Spinach:

Spinach is one of the popular vegetable diet that contains the highest amount of nutrients and vitamins for example vitamins A, C, k, E, B6, riboflavin, Calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and. The high amount of fiber keeps you full and does not cause any symptoms of water retention.

4)    Lettuce:

The lettuce is a weight loss friendly vegetable and source of Vitamin B, manganese and folic acid that plays a role to regulate the sugar level in the blood and maintain the proper function of an immune system and helps in reducing the weight.

5)    Cucumber:

The cucumber Is made up with the high concentration of water. Add the slices of cucumber into your diet and whether munch it as a snack to get more benefits including slimming. Cucumber also reduces the symptoms of water retention like bloating

6)    Broccoli:

Food and specifically vegetables such as (Broccoli) that are low on calorie index are great for weight loss.

Thus, you can have large portions of such vegetables without consuming too much calories.

Moreover, vegetables that are high in fiber are so good to keep you full and don’t make you hungry in a less time period.

Broccoli is great for getting essential nutrients like Chromium, calcium, vitamin C or phytochemicals (that can prevent cancer).

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7)    Cabbage:

Cabbage is one of the most popular food item and a lot of people relate it to fat burning.

However, it does not burn fat, but it is awesome due to be low on calories.

Moreover, it is a good source of calcium, potassium, Vitamin C, vitamin A, beta-carotene, magnesium and antioxidants like Anthocyanins.

8)    Tomatoes:

The tomato is one of the delicious food that is full of an antioxidant properties and helps to reduce an inflammation and prevent the water retention and cancer. It maintains the protein that plays role in the metabolism and appetite.

9)    Peppermint:

The peppermint is well known for their healing and the digestive properties, If you are looking for reducing the excess fat so peppermint is best for you. Drink it with your tea and eat with salad depends upon you. Peppermint is the low calorie food without fat and loaded with high amount of fiber that is good in taste and promotes your fat loss.